What To Expect?

Plan Ahead- Get In, Get Out!

Sort Your Containers

First, take a minute to sort by size. All containers that are 1 litre or less are worth 10 cents, and all containers larger than 1 litre are worth 25 cents.

Second, if you have a bit more space, you can sort by material type. If you have a lot of containers of a specific type, such as aluminum cans, you can group them together. Similarly, if you have a lot of water or pop plastic containers, group these together.

Rinse Your Containers

Another tip to make your experience at Roper Road Bottle Depot a better one is to empty and rinse your containers before storing them at home. After the rinsing process is done, leave the lids off so that they can dry at a faster pace.

This also means you will have less odor and less chance of flies and wasps to deal with.

Keep It Tidy

Remember to remove items like plastic rings, carton boxes and other extra packaging that may have come with your beverage containers. Beer bottles however, should be brought to the Depot in the case they were purchased in. Depots use these cases to return the bottles so they can be recycled or refilled.

Make A Donation

If the money isn’t the primary reason you recycle your beverage containers, then consider making a donation at your local Roper Road Bottle Depot. This means you don’t have to wait for your refund, and the entire deposit will go to a charitable cause in your community.

One charitable cause found at your local depot is the Alberta Cans 4 Kids program, which raises money through the contribution of beverage containers by ordinary Albertans like you.

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